Don't tweet Naked pics of your ex -- Twitter will ban you, OK?

Twitter outlaws 'revenge porn' and doxxing. @delbius is watching you

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Del Harvey

Twitter wants you to stop posting revenge porn and dox. An unnecessary PSA? I know you weren't doing this, or planning to, but it's good to know that Del Harvey's @Safety team is looking after our interests, no?

But how on Earth do they expect to police the firehose that is Twitter?

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers keep their shirts on.

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Aunty's Jonathan Blake reports for young people in the UK:

Last month posting revenge porn images became a criminal offence. [Twitter] said users found to have broken the new rule "will have their accounts locked" [and] be required to "delete the content in question before being able to return to the platform."

Several US states have revenge-porn laws in place including California, Texas and Utah.

The company said it would act in response to "specific" cases [and] suggested it could...ensure banned images were not reposted.  MORE

Andrew Griffin is not a mythical winged creature:

Twitter...CEO Dick Costolo admitted last month that [it] “sucks” at dealing with abuse. ... Since then it has rolled out new tools to combat...problems. The [new rules] ban users from posting personal information and intimate videos and photos of anyone else.

But [Twitter] is likely to run into the problem of...creat[ing] new accounts...a problem it has run into in its attempts to shut down the profiles of Isis extremists.  MORE

OK, but what are the sanctions? Twitter veep Tina Bhatnagar merely hints:

[I'm] back to tell you about the latest round of updates that are part of our long term plan. ... In December...we streamlined the process of reporting we’re making similar improvements around reporting other content issues.

Over the last six months...we have overhauled how we review user reports [which] update to our in-product reporting...significant changes to our tools, processes and staffing. ... We have tripled the size of the support team focused on handling abuse [and] we’ve been able to significantly reduce the average response time.

We [have] several new enforcement actions [if you] violate our rules. [They] will not be visible to...rule-abiding Twitter users – but they give us new options [if you] don’t follow the rules.  MORE

But Duncan Riley implies that people pushing for this change are sheep. Or perhaps goats. I dunno:

If you’re not familiar with the concept, revenge porn is sexually explicit media...shared online without the consent of the pictured individual [as] an act of revenge, say by an angry ex-partner.

Social justice warriors have long bleated about the need for Twitter to “do more” about harassment. ... 288 million monthly active users delivering billions of tweets a month is a...nightmare when it comes to ubiquitous rules enforcement.

Unless you...hire hundreds of thousands of people to filter what’s being said, it can’t be done in any...meaningful way.  MORE

Meanwhile, Charlie Warzel channels Twitter's answers to questions that might be asked frequently. If only there was some sort of neat acronym for that: [You're fired -Ed.]

Our policy is broader that what is potentially protected by copyright. ... We will ask a reporting user to verify that he or she is the individual in question in content alleged to be violating. ... users will be asked to confirm that the photos or videos in question were posted without consent.

Our Trust & Safety team offers 24/7 support across all time zones. ... We are confident that we will be able to process all a timely manner. ... Users posting such content with an intent to harass will be subject to suspension.  MORE

And Finally…
Del Harvey outlines the true scale of the task ahead

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