But isn't a cloud just a storm waiting to happen?

Bigwig at this company decides that security has become a critical concern, so he pushes to prioritize all security initiatives throughout the company, reports the IT director pilot fish.

"The cloud, however, is a big mystery to him," fish says.

"One day he calls me into in his office to show me his latest little project: a very neatly organized, typed and printed passport-size book containing all of his account numbers, websites, systems, logins, passwords, etc.

"He's so proud that he carries this everywhere and now has access to all of his work and personal accounts in one place.

"And, he says, it's much more secure than storing everything in 'the cloud.'

"I mention that those cloud password management solutions are all encrypted and highly secured and securely managed. I also mention that our compliance doesn't allow for printed credentials, and certainly not carried around on your person.

"I also point out what might happen if he loses that book, drops it somewhere in his travels or misplaces it, or if someone steals it from him.

"Oh well, it's so comforting to know that an executive carries all the keys to the castle in his pocket. I am now purchasing identity theft protection."

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