Watch now: Apple Watch springs forth (will all the hype unwind?)

Cook: It's almost time to watch Apple's watch. But reactions are mixed...

tim cook apple watch

It's that time again. That is, time for speculation, rumors and clockwork guesswork about the new Apple Watch. It's scheduled to be unveiled at a today in San Francisco.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers countdown, keeping an eye on the clock.

Today's humble blogwatcher is Stephen Glasskeys.

Yoni Heisler collects rumors -- all on the clock:

[Apple Watch] rumors have been coming in at a rapid clip lately. That being the case, [this] is a collection of some of the more recent Apple Watch rumors that shed new light on Apple's brazen jump into the world of wearable technology.  MORE

Someone finally did it. Adrienne LaFrance discovers a reason to buy a smartwatch:

The Apple Watch is a watch in as much as a DVD player or a microwave is a watch. That is to say, there is a clock on it—and, okay, fine, you wear it on your wrist—but its raison d'être isn't to tell time.

What, then, is its main purpose? Another way of thinking about this question is: Why would anybody buy this thing?

A couple months ago [a friend] described to me the usefulness of the Watch in a way I've been unable to stop thinking about since: It is ultimately a device that helps you decide whether to look at your phone.  MORE

In a typically French fashion, Jean-Louis Gassee obsesses over fashion:

Under Steve Jobs' leadership, Apple 2.0 obsessed over the marriage of form and function.

With the Apple Watch things have changed: Fashion is now a primary component, co-equal with silicon and software.  MORE

So Rachel Myrow and Christina Farr decide to make waves in a mud hole:

Like an elephant splashing down in a mud hole, Apple's entry into the smart watch market is expected to have a huge impact. How much of one is a multibillion dollar question.

It's not clear if Apple can crack through what appears to be a gender barrier for the smart watch. Researchers have found that the female demographic is less interested in geeky gadgets...preferring instead a slick and more minimalistic design.  MORE

Lindsey Caldwell watches bullish analysts:

The Apple Watch is expected to hit consumer markets sometime in April. Over the course of 2015 it's predicted to sell 19 million units. 10 million of its sales are predicted to come directly from the holiday season.  MORE

But Jeremy Kaplan's analysts bearishly call time-out:

A flop. A failure. A fiasco.

Concerns and skepticism are growing towards the Apple Watch, which experts believe Tim Cook and Co. will San Francisco.

Last September after the company's splashy unveiling event, a former Apple designer who asked not to be named told The New York Times he thought the Watch looked boring.

"It's very hard to make big things small," he told The Times. "This feels more like it was designed by committee.".  MORE

Meanwhile, Alex Fitzpatrick has 'one more thing' to share:

What else could Apple announce at Monday's Apple Watch event? We could see the much-rumored and long-awaited Retina MacBook Air, which would put an ultra-high resolution display in Apple's entry-level lightweight laptop.  MORE

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