You can't just NOT have an email address, can you?

This big company is self-insured, and administers health insurance plans both for its employees and some external customers, reports a pilot fish who works there.

"They updated their website and some other procedures that were formerly paper based," fish says. "At the bottom of the new online form, they have line with contact information: Questions? Contact customer service at (800) 123-4567 or donotemail@<ourcompany>.com.

"I called them and brought up the fact that all sorts of confused people were sending them email at donotemail@<ourcompany>.com and getting their email bounced back. They said they didn't understand why people would do that, and they don't have the resources to reply to email inquiries.

"Two months later, donotemail@<ourcompany>.com is still at the bottom of the online form. Sheesh."

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