But what if we have another hardware problem?

This data center pilot fish gets a call at home on the weekend: The mainframe is flashing errors and can't be restarted.

"I said sure, I would come in," fish reports. "I got dressed, drove downtown and found a garage open on Sunday.

"I walked into the computer room and looked at the consoles. Sure enough, there were error indicators on them -- hardware errors. I'm not a hardware guy.

"I suggested that they call the hardware people, as I wouldn't touch the things. The error indicated some sort of wiring or electrical issue, so I notified the shift manager and took off. They finally got hold of the wiring person and he came in to fix it.

"Next morning I informed my boss of the adventure. I handed him the ticket for parking and told him I needed to expense it. He looked me straight in the face and said, um, no, we don't reimburse for that.

"I said fine, I refuse to take any call-ins -- take me off the list. I left the company shortly after that in disgust."

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