And no, you don't get to keep the CRT either

In the late 1990s, this organization is on a six-year refresh cycle for monitors -- and the next wave is set to be flat-panel displays, reports a pilot fish in the loop.

"When an intern with the oldest system got his replaced, he got the first LCD monitor in his building," fish says. "The next day he came into work to find a CRT on his desk and his flat panel missing.

"He talked to his manager and the manager called me. I insisted that none of the IT techs would have taken it -- even though I called dibs.

"I looked up the asset tag of the CRT on the desk and went to the desk it was assigned to in our database. There was the LCD, along with an engineer and another manager.

"The engineer admitted to swapping out the monitors after everyone went home the night before, but his excuse was that he 'needed it to do his job.'

"His manager said, 'If you need this to do your job, and you've been here for eight years, then you haven't been doing your job for eight years' -- and the engineer was fired on the spot."

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