Review: HP's Moonshot is flexible, manageable, amazing

HP's cartridge-based, hyperscale computing system brings significant server power and high efficiency to a variety of workloads

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Innovating in the server space has traditionally meant cranking out new systems with the latest Intel CPUs along with more memory and storage. While that delivery model has served the industry well for many years, the time is right for new approaches that focus on balancing processing power and energy consumption for specific use case scenarios. It's also a great time to bring innovations in processor architecture into the enterprise space in order to reduce operating costs.

HP set out to break the traditional mold with the Moonshot platform. In the initial Moonshot release, which stuffed as many as 45 Intel Atom server cartridges into the 4.3U chassis, HP addressed dynamic Web workloads with a strong focus on reducing the long-term costs associated with powering and cooling data center hardware. With the recent releases of AppliedMicro ARM, Intel Xeon, and Texas Instruments DSP+ARM boards, HP has unleashed the beast on additional workloads, including static Web, virtual desktop infrastructure, and Hadoop.

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