This must be her lucky day

Pilot fish is in the second-ever class to graduate with CompSci degrees at this state university, not long after the first IBM PCs have started showing up in corporate IT departments as a sort of "super terminal."

"I was hired by a large utility company's IT department," says fish. "Early on, my supervisor decided to introduce me to the joys of late-night systems maintenance tasks.

"After everyone had left for the day, my supervisor mounted a huge new 'cake carrier'-style disk pack to the itty bitty mainframe.

"'It has to be formatted to prepare it for accepting data,' she explained, and carefully entered FORMAT C:\ on the command line and hit the Enter key.

"Then she realized what she just did.

"She turned to me with a beet-red face and said, 'Um, you can go home now. I'm going to be here a while.'"

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