There's your Trouble

This pilot fish is working in a regional bank's data center as manager of a small operations support team.

"My duties included incident and problem management, so I had to visit the data center manager -- my boss's boss -- on a regular basis, usually to report less-than-good news," says fish.

"The data center manager's admin assistant was a young woman who, for some reason, decided to lighten things up by calling certain people by nicknames. So I got used to hearing her say 'Here comes Trouble!' whenever I approached her desk.

"For the first few weeks I felt somewhat resentful of that nickname, because I thought I was good at stopping trouble, not causing it.

"But then one day while I was waiting at the admin assistant's desk for the data center manager to be available, one of the software engineers walked over -- and the admin assistant said, 'Here comes Pest!'

"I thought to myself, Trouble isn't such a bad nickname after all."

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