Whatever works

The phone system at this company keeps having intermittent issues, with dropped calls, everything running slowly and a variety of other problems, according to a pilot fish helping to keep it working.

"We started with research at our end and could not find anything that seemed to be causing the issues," fish says. "So we would call our local phone vendor's support line and explain the issues. They would tell us that there were no problems at their end and no one else was calling, so the problem must be in our system somewhere.

"After more research we would call back and talk them into running diagnostics at their end. Again, they would say that everything checks out on their system. However, suddenly our system would start working again.

"But they swore that they didn't change anything and that running diagnostics would not have affected any problems.

"Since these issues continued to happen every week or two, we got to where we would call and just ask them to run the diagnostics.

"Every time, our system would come back up miraculously, even though they continued to swear that they didn't change anything at their end. We didn't really care, as long as our system came back up again."

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