Your new IT TLA is ATM: Always Talk to Maintenance

This non-IT pilot fish works in maintenance at a major airport, and he gets word that a crew from IT's networking group will be installing a new link from one end of a runway to the other in order to improve the link for air traffic control radar data storage.

"The installation involved running a cable the entire length of runway 35 Left," says fish. "I noticed that the cable was right next to the runway, but I figured they knew what they were doing so I didn't say anything.

"The project went well and the system ran perfectly.

"One year later, the entire system went down due to loss of data. A quick check found the problem, but the fix was going to be a big one.

"During the winter months, salt and chemicals are used to de-ice the runway. But no one took into account that this stuff melts and the salty and high-acidity water running off the sides would be eating into the cable, eroding it to nothing.

"As a result, new corrosion-proof cable was laid down, but 100 feet further away. All 12,579 feet of it -- 2.38 miles.

"Maybe I should have said something at the start of the installation..."

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