Now aren't you glad you cleared your weekend?

This application upgrade is running behind schedule -- a schedule with must-meet deadlines, says a senior manager pilot fish on the business side.

"IT is working frantically to get an environment up in time to start performance testing of the system shortly before go-live," fish says.

"In order to help catch up, I agree to work over the weekend doing the updates to security roles, workflows, and other configurations that take place within the user interface and are stored in the database.

"Friday at 5 p.m., an application support tech and database analyst who have worked closely with me for the last four years on the application contact me by Instant Messenger:

"App Support: Couple things...I realized you'll need to logon to the app using the administrator account this weekend...We don't have a populated database in production so the only user there is the admin account...Log on using URLs I gave you to get around the F5 .

"I responded, Hold a minute...Aren't we importing the database for the testing?

"App Support: One second, asking DBA...Good point, you can't test anything with an empty db.

"Me: Can't do configs either, they'll be overwritten when you import..."

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