Did I mention that I didn't change my password?

Pilot fish logs into a user's PC to install some software, then leaves a message on his voice mail to let him know the job is done.

"I stepped away from my desk, and when I got back I had two voice mails from him," says fish. "He said the user name on his login screen was administrator and his password was not working.

"He let me know how busy he is and how important it is that he get logged in.

"I called back and told him he needed to switch users.

"He said his password worked fine before the change I made.

"I told him again that he needed to switch users and log in as himself. Once he did that, it worked fine.

"Before getting off the phone, he let me know again that he had not changed his password and was not sure why it worked fine this time. He still didn't realize that he was using his password on the admin account."

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