Have you tried...oh, you did

This IT shop has had system administrator vacancies for a while, and so far no applicants have made it through the phone screening, says a pilot fish on the team.

"Management got frustrated and brought someone in for an on-site interview," fish says. "The IT director, IT manager and team members interviewed the candidate, and he seemed to know the technical stuff and his troubleshooting process seemed sound, but there were some quirks that I found annoying.

"Still, he was the best so far, so he was hired -- but the team decided to test him. We broke a test box by skewing the time, which killed Kerberos authentication. We also changed an octet in the primary DNS.

"After many hints, he final got the DNS part. But the time skew, he couldn't resolve. We asked him to go through a troubleshooting checklist, and he still couldn't fix it.

"Finally he turned the box off and back on again -- and with the correct time, Kerberos worked!

"I should have told him no reboots allowed..."

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