But they ARE still going to fix it, right?

IT pilot fish in a regional office of a big federal agency gets a call from the IT guy in HR -- and what he's seen is pretty clearly impossible.

"One of his employees uses an in-house custom database program," says fish. "When she clicks on a certain button, the program crashes.

"Sounds like a problem for the program's developer, right? However, the HR IT guy tells me that when he sits down at the employee’s computer and clicks on the button -- while still logged on as the employee -- the program works as expected.

"I go to HR and verify the situation: When the employee clicks on the button the program crashes, but it doesn't crash when I do so while logged on as the employee. The HR IT guy and I agree that this situation seems impossible, but there we are.

"After several futile attempts to fix the problem, I carefully observe the employee's behavior when she uses the program. I finally notice that she is double-clicking the button -- but her double-click is so fast that it seems like a single click.

"I advise the employee to click the button just once, solving the problem."

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