One technology down, just 30 years' worth to go

This IT consultant pilot fish's father worked as a computer field engineer until the early 1980s, but he hasn't quite kept pace with the industry since then.

"He recently agreed to help me with a business that I've started," fish says. "We have a number of expenses and charges to keep track of, and since we both have Gmail accounts, I thought the perfect solution would be to create a spreadsheet in Google Drive so I could share the file with his Gmail account and give him edit permission.

"I sent him a link to the shared file, along with step-by-step instructions on how to open it and get started. I followed up with him on the phone a couple of days later to make sure he got the message and was able to follow the instructions.

"I was feeling pretty good about the fact that I was able to set this up with him without driving to his house or having a 30-minute remote desktop session.

"Then I came home from work, checked the mailbox and found a letter from my father. Inside, there was a hard copy of our Google spreadsheet with a handwritten note: 'Here are my updates to the ledger.'

"Well, even a little progress is still progress!"

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