Wonder where he learned to stay so cool...

Flashback to 1999, when this pilot fish is a network admin at Palmer Station, Antarctica.

"There was a big buzz in the Denver office about Y2k," says fish. "I dutifully checked each computer, emailed results and after a couple weeks of work had completed the task. It was on my final report before sailing home after seven months at the station.

"Fast forward to two months later: I was enjoying a great summer and just chilling after seven months in the icebox.

"One day I got an angry call from HQ, saying the computers at Palmer were not Y2k tested.

"While I was listening, I found the emails I sent to the angry caller five months earlier, and -- still listening -- forwarded them to her again.

"Mid-rant, she stopped as I heard the chime from my e-mail coming in on her end.

"Then she said, 'Oh, gotta go.'

"That was the end of that..."

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