Copresence -- a BUMP up from AirDrop?

Copresence: No information to share.

copresence a bumped up airdrop
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Copresence is the name of a technology recently discovered referenced inside Google Play and Chrome APIs. Bloggers know it exists but sure of little else. Is Copresence intended as a way for mobile users to share location with one another? Is it a cross-platform solution designed to help iOS users to share files and personal data with Google mobiles running Android? Some bloggers believe Copresence is based on Bump -- technology acquired by Google years ago -- renamed for inclusion in Android Lollipop.

So in reality, no one knows for sure what Copresence does, but everyone's sure they want to find out.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers disable location services.

Filling in for our humble blogwatcher Richi Jennings, is a humbler Stephen Glasskeys.

Liam Spradlin has an internal nickname:

Several months ago, we discussed something called Nearby, a project that...seemed to be Google's effort to let "people, places, and things" know when a user is, well, nearby.

Copresence (an internal name for this functionality) may have a more specific scope in this effort...apparently including iOS devices in the fun.  MORE

Always the diplomat, David Nield hammers out a treaty between iOS and Android:

Transferring files and data between Android and iOS devices could be about to get a whole lot easier if some code changes...are to be believed.

Location information, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi could all be utilized to power the upcoming feature...rumored to be based around the same kind of technology [behind] Chromecast and its underlying Google Cast protocols.  MORE

And Juan Carlos Torres shares puzzling new theories:

The name might be a bit of a puzzle, hinting more at a location-based service than [file sharing], but there is...a bit of location involved.

Although Copresence uses the technologies already available at our disposal, it aims to make it easier to connect and share compared to those. At least, that's the theory.  MORE

Daniel Eran Dilger bumps up the rhetoric:

Using technology acquired from Bump...Google could not only bridge the [iOS-Android gap], [but also] monitor every harvest data on user's behaviors.

If it can gain broad adoption...Copresence...would give [Google] deep access to every document, photo, contact and map location [shared by users].

Apple has increasingly made user privacy a top selling point, noting that it...isn't even interested in mass data Facebook and Google+.  MORE

Jon Fingas never expects much at first:

[If details] are accurate, Copresence should be available within a matter of weeks. Having said this, you shouldn't expect a file sharing Utopia. [It will] most likely be limited to Google apps at first [and] probably not going to be a system-wide feature on...iOS.  MORE

Andrew Grush confirms the existence of extraterrestrials code: [Ahem - Ed.]

Google has yet to officially confirm the existence of the "opt-in" Copresence service...trace details...have even been dug up inside of the latest Google Play Services APK. ... Furthermore, the Copresence API has been spotted in the Chrome Dev Channel.  MORE

Sara Skvirsky once buzz-spoke -- at extreme scale -- about co-present microwork:

The 2014 Ten-Year Forecast Annual Retreat explored the landscape of change over the next decade by inviting attendees to contemplate ten projects that...could change the paradigm in their fields in the next ten years.

Sara Skvirsky examined the potential of a new paradigm of co-present microwork to transform the way we cooperate at extreme scales.  MORE

Meanwhile, Kevin C. Tofel shares the plain-spoken truth:

It's not clear what "copresence" is just yet but it's clear that Google is working on it.  MORE


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