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It's the 1990s, and at a company that supplies colleges with ERP software, this pilot fish gets the call when a school wants a full install of the suite on an IBM DOS mainframe and wants a resource on site.

"When I arrived I was introduced around and we got started," says fish. "It was pretty apparent that the guy at the school did not know much about IBM DOS and was learning on the go. After getting the tapes downloaded, the first job was a build of our database dictionary, so we started it going and waited.

"About 15 minuets later, the job failed. The guy I was working with got a bit uppity and was denouncing the quality of our software while I dove in, trying to figure out what the problem was.

"When I found the error, I said out loud, 'It says there is no sort function available.'

"At that, the guy at the next desk went through a pile of tapes on his desk, found one and said, 'The sort will be available in about 20 minutes.'

"Turns out the school had another consulting company doing the DOS install at the same time we were trying to install our software -- but hadn't thought to mention it.

"We got the software up and running in two days, but I kept in touch with the next desk for the remainder of the install."

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