There IS such a thing as too-fast delivery

Flashback to the late 1990s, when this delivery company is upgrading its network to a whopping 9KB data circuit feeding one of its buildings, according to a network pilot fish on the scene.

"The original-issue LAN switches were getting upgraded from 10 to 10/100Mbps and the original CAT 3 wiring was being replaced with CAT 5," says fish.

"A litter of us techie minions were in the network room replacing the old stuff with the new and everything was working as planned -- until we realized that the mechanics way over on the far side of the warehouse could not connect.

"After testing and much hiking back and forth, we deduced that they were about 600 feet away from the switches and the 100Mbps data just didn't feel like going that far. The computers figured out that there was 100Mbps data to be had and doggedly refused to try working at the slower 10Mbps that had worked OK before the upgrade.

"In the end, we worked around it -- and more than 10 years later, there is still one old-school switch hanging on the wall running at 10Mbps just to feed the mechanics."

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