Local government department calls IT to report that its Wi-Fi network isn't working, says a pilot fish in the loop.

"We sent out a technician to check into the problem, expecting to find someone had unplugged the power or something minor," fish says.

"Soon after, IT got a message that it might be a while before the Wi-Fi got fixed. Turns out that the wireless access point in the basement wiring closet stopped working -- due to a water leak from a fish tank on the floor above. We figured if it was a big enough leak to go through the floor and into the wiring closet on the floor below, it was more than likely some sort of catastrophic failure.

"The wireless access point was removed and will be replaced once we can obtain a new WAP and get it installed.

"Two hours later, we got an update: Seems the water leak took out the phone system, too.

"Makes one wonder just what was so important on Wi-Fi that it took two hours to figure out the phones didn't work..."

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