You know, the thing with the two things coming out

Support pilot fish gets a call from an IT project manager, who's asking for an extra "external battery pack" for her computer.

I thought you had a laptop, says fish.

"Yes, I do," project manager says.

Fish: And you have an external battery pack?

PM: "Yes."

Fish: got a UPS for your laptop?

PM: "I don't think so. I just want an external battery pack in case I forget mine at home."

Fish: (now very confused) Describe this "external battery pack." What does it look like?

PM: "You know, one wire plugs into the wall, the other into the computer. There's a small block in the middle."

Fish: You want an extra power supply!

PM: "Yeah, an external battery pack."

Sighs fish, "Did I mention she has a master's degree in Computer Science?"

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