Sometimes, simplest is best

Consultant pilot fish also gets help-desk duties for his employer, which is why the head of HR at a sister company calls him with a printing problem.

"The HR head was trying very hard to print a document on the color Xerox copier," says fish. "She had worked at this for about an hour when she finally asked for assistance.

"She was trying to print a pretty messed-up color document that had been converted from 'something' to Word.

"I asked her what it should look like, and she presented me a hard copy.

"I asked, Why don't you just copy that?

"She turned to me and said, 'Will it keep all the colors the same?'

"I'd never considered that anybody would think a copier would randomly re-assign colors on a copy, so I was completely unable to come up with a snarky response..."

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