Moto X, pure as the driven snow, to be presold out on Tuesday!

Gee, X, almost circled.

moto g x almost circled

Motorola mobiles and watches are taking the world by storm! The Pure Edition Moto X and 360 (but not quite) available for presale on Tuesday! What do bloggers think?!

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers get close to going around and around.

Filling in for our humble blogwatcher Richi Jennings, is a humbler Stephen Glasskeys.

Derek Walter takes the bloat and runs with it:

One of the major gripes of those who buy Android phones is all the bloatware and inconsistent updates that wreck an otherwise "pure Google" experience.

Motorola is taking that term and running with it, as a report says the company's non-carrier branded model will be dubbed the Moto X Pure Edition.  

Forget X, Emily Smith believes G is where the minimal differences are:

[There] aren't many differences between the two Moto G editions, but those minimal changes that do stand out, make the phone the better choice. The camera is much better on the new Moto G than on its predecessor, and the dual front facing speakers do offer a higher quality sound...and it does sport a bigger screen and a microSD slot.  MORE

Closely watch Jerry Hildenbrand dissect a watch:

Another newly released gadget means it's time to get out the USB Microscope and have a close look. ... This time around, it's the Moto 360 and there is some neat stuff to be seen when you get in tight.  MORE

Brent Rose examines a thorny subject:

Let's talk about Android Wear in general for a moment.

Having now spent a couple of months using it every day, I feel that I can conclusively say that it's a good operating system with a lot of potential, but it definitely feels like a beta. There's a general lack of consistency that plagues Android Wear at this stage of its development.  

And Steven Musil has a choice to make:

Motorola announced Sunday that the Moto X...will be available for preorder on Tuesday.

In addition to an AT&T version with a $100 carrier-subsidized price...an off-contract Moto X with an unlocked SIM card [will be sold for] $500.  

Meanwhile, everyone has an answer to Chris Ziegler's question:

Motorola is taking a cue: its direct-sale, unbranded, unlocked Moto X will be called the Moto X Pure Edition when it ships.

If the unbranded phone is "pure," what does that make the carrier models?  


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