Sadly, we're pretty sure she HAS done this before

This IT pilot fish gets a call that a new user needs email installed.

"I get her set up, then ask if she needs any help learning how to use the email client," says fish. "'Oh no, I've done this before' is the response.

"A few days later, a new request comes in from the same user, this time to get a connection to the network printer. Again, all goes well.

"A few more days pass, and a third request comes in, asking for an account on the shared fax machine. I go back to the user, set her up, and all is good again.

"About a week passes, and I discover a fax in my in-box. It's from the new user, thanking me for all my help.

"But I notice one thing: The fax looks to be printed from an email template -- with a real signature.

"Yep, she drafted the message in email, printed it out, signed it by hand, then faxed it to me. And a quick check of the server logs revealed no emails sent from this user, ever..."

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