iWatch release date: Apple smartwatch as good as vaporware

OMG Apple smartwatch is MIA


The iWatch release date is said to be at least five months away, even though Apple is expected to unveil its iOS smartwatch on 9/9.

Can you wait until 2015 for your Cupertino wearable? I guess that's the measure of a true fanboi.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers get in line to BYOW. Not to mention: strangely compelling vegan video

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John Paczkowski pokes fun at fanbois:

Sources in position to know tell me it won’t arrive at market for a few months. “It’s not shipping anytime soon.”

We’re unlikely to see it at retail until after the holiday season — think early 2015. ... It would be unwise to expect preorders for the device to begin on the Friday following its unveiling. Apple declined to comment.  

And Jared Newman adds new thoughts:

Paczkowski...reported earlier this week that Apple will announce the wearable on September 9. ... Why announce in in September, then? We can only speculate, but keep in mind that the last time Apple entered a new product category with the iPad, there was a three month gap between the announcement and the launch. That gave Apple time to ramp up production without worrying about the rumor mill, and it gave developers time to prepare new apps for the larger display.

It'd make sense to give developers a head start on building an ecosystem.  

Zac Hall receives that ball (and runs with it):

Apple recently previewed another product months for its availability with the 2013 Mac Pro being shown off at WWDC last year before debuting in late December of that year.

Earlier this month, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo released a report speculating that Apple’s wearable product could be released in 2015 rather than this fall.  

Ah, bless! Look at John Gruber pretending he doesn't know anything:

If true, why? I’m guessing something similar to why they pre-announced the original iPhone — otherwise it would leak through regulatory filings with various governments around the world. Plus, they have no worries about the Osborne Effect with a new product category.  MORE

So, what do we know, Jonny Evans?

We think we know this about iWatch: Available in multiple configurations; equipped with various health sensors; beautifully designed. [But not] if it will be an independent device with its own processor, apps and the capacity to make calls [like the] Samsung...Gear S.

Despite Samsung's claims to market leadership, it isn’t really clear who is playing catch up. ... Let the games begin.  

But Ken Segall stands back and observes from afar:

John Paczkowski stated with conviction that iWatch will make its debut on September 9th, along with the new iPhone(s) Now I happen to have a lot of respect for John. [But] one can’t help but marvel at how quickly unverified stories spread.

How quickly you forget The Teachings Of Steve. “Thou shalt milk every new product for maximum buzz.” ... No truly revolutionary product in Apple’s history has ever been launched alongside another. It’s a waste of marvel. [And] is it realistic to get people digging into their pockets for an iPhone 6, and then, on the very same day, tell them they need to spend another $300-400 on the iWatch?

But now that I’ve talked it over with myself, I’m hoping John Paczkowski is right. One massive event would be amazing. All those “Apple doesn’t innovate” arguments would be banished forever.  

Meanwhile, Mark Gurman cuts to the chase:

Introducing the Apple wearable in 2 weeks and then shipping after holidays will completely, utterly destroy the existing market.  MORE

Update: Paczkowski tags Dawn Chmielewski:

Apple executives have discussed charging around $400 for [it]. Sources say consumers should expect a range of prices for different models including lower priced versions [which] would put Apple’s device at the high end of the category.  MORE

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