iMessage spam explosion: Apple flamed for bad design and dropping ball

iMessage spam

Spam spam spam spam. Spam spam spam spam. Wonderful spam.

For many users, iMessage is becoming an unusable cesspool of spam. Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is under fire for poor security design in iMessage, and for failing to react to the (inevitable) spam problem that has ensued.

smh. Why do we keep having to reinvent the wheel, every single freakin' time a new communications tool becomes popular?

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers eyeroll furiously. Not to mention: Bloody Vikings

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.


Robert McMillan hears the Vikings sing:

Apple’s iMessage [has] become something of a nuisance. [It's] yet another communications tool being polluted by spam. It’s a cheap and easy way for...spammers to get their junk messages front-and-center on your phone. ... As an added bonus, iMessage notifies the scammer whether the message they’ve sent out has been read or not.

[It's] an Apple problem. Reached Monday, an Apple spokeswoman didn’t have any immediate comment. ... The company has added rate-limiting. ... And there’s also a slightly burdensome way to report iMessage [spam]. ... But if Apple is doing anything to take these spammers off the network, it’s moving slowly.

As for the beleaguered users, there’s not much they can do.  MORE


Pranav Dixit is definitely not a fanboi:

It's not like we need more reasons to hate iMessage. But we don't really have to look very hard.

Since iMessage on the desktop instantly tells you whether a number is registered with the iMessage network, spammers can generate a list of verified iMessage users. ... All you need to register for an iMessage account is an email address. ... Reporting a spammer to Apple is a royal pain.

Damn you, iMessage!  MORE


Mehran Shahsavar agrees:

It is happening and I have received more than a few. I keep banning them but they keep using a different account. Apple should put some effort in detecting spammers and deal with them severely.  MORE


Sébastien Page has context and tips:

This is part of a growing trend...where spammers collect phone numbers or email addresses linked to iMessage to send Apple users unsolicited messages in the hope they would click on links.

The first thing you want to to block the sender [but] they’ll probably still be able to contact you from a different email address. [So] you can start taking more drastic measures by allowing notifications from contacts that are in your address book only [but] if someone who’s not in your address book sends you a text message, you might miss it.

Back in July of last year, Apple introduced a way to report spam [but] this is a very cumbersome way...and Apple should definitely find a better way. ... It’s a painful process [and] it takes Apple several days to act on those spam reports, really questioning the efficiency of this process.

There is no real guaranteed way to prevent you from receiving iMessage spam, unless you want to go thermonuclear and turn off iMessage altogether.  MORE


Meanwhile, cue the rabid, drooling anecdotes from fanbois who've not yet experienced this problem. Here's one of the few coherent ones, from Chris Marshall:

I get the occasional SMS spam but never had any on iMessage. Neither have my wife or kids.  MORE

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