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Computerworld conducts surveys of its readership throughout the year on issues affecting the IT worker. Below is a description of each survey project along with key dates and links to past reports.

We're interested in hearing from you. If you'd like to take part in upcoming Computerworld surveys and be notified when nomination forms are posted, please send an email to Ellen Fanning, editor of Computerworld.

This year's special reports:

IT Salary Survey

Published annually in the spring
Computerworld's annual salary survey evaluates IT salaries, including base pay, bonuses and total compensation packages, for key IT job titles. The survey also provides comparative salaries for a number of different industries as well as regional comparisons.

By participating in the survey, IT staffers and managers help Computerworld identify historical and merging trends in IT compensation and provide benchmarks to other managers on what they should be paying to stay competitive. The report also offers advice to IT workers on how to get the best salary.

Most Recent Report:

Past Reports:

Survey: Sign up to participate in the 2018 IT Salary Survey!

Questions about Computerworld's IT Salary Survey can be emailed to Mari Keefe, editorial project manager.

Best Places to Work in IT

Published annually in the spring
The annual Best Places to Work in IT issue takes a revealing look at the top 100 companies that excel at keeping their IT workers well compensated, well trained and satisfied on the job.

Most Recent Report:

Past Reports:

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Frequently asked questions: Find answers to many of your questions about the Best Places program in our FAQ. Further questions about Computerworld's Best Places to Work in IT program can be emailed to

Premier 100 Technology Leaders

Published annually in the winter
Each spring, Computerworld launches a nationwide search for nominations of professionals who have shown leadership in their organizations through technology. Computerworld's Premier 100 Technology Leaders are individuals who foster ideas and creative work environments, envision innovative technology approaches to business problems and effectively manage IT strategies. The list of honorees and feature stories are published annually.

Computerworld also hosts a leadership conference each winter.

Most Recent Report:

Past Reports:

Visit the Honor Roll! View Premier 100 alumni from 2000 to 2017

Conference Information: AGENDA conference

Nominations: Computerworld is seeking candidates for the 2018 Premier 100 Tech Leaders Awards. Nominations close Aug. 31. Make a nomination today!

Frequently Asked Questions: Find answers to many of your questions about the Premier 100 program in our FAQ. Additional questions can be emailed to

Tech Forecast

Published annually in the fall
Each year, Computerworld looks ahead to the hot skills, top technologies, and spending trends for the following year. To find out more about the report, email Tracy Mayor, editor.

Most Recent Report:

Past Reports:

IT Careers Special Report

Published annually in the winter
Each year, Computerworld conducts a survey of IT professionals to determine the current state of the IT jobs market, upcoming hiring trends and new job titles, as well as to gauge how changes in the IT landscape will impact IT careers in the future. The resulting report identifies the hottest IT careers trends and offers advice for both job seekers and IT hiring managers. To find out more about the report, email Ellen Fanning, editor.

Most Recent Report:

Past Reports:

Data+ Editors' Choice Awards

Published annually in late summer
Each year, Computerworld showcases organizations that are making better business decisions, generating new revenue streams and tapping into new markets through use of data analytics.

Most Recent Report:

Past Reports:

Nominations are now open for the 2017 Data+ Editors’ Choice Awards. Computerworld is seeking case studies that illustrate intriguing ways big data is being used everywhere from research to commerce. We will showcase a select group of the most innovative and fascinating case studies online in September 2017.

Case studies are due May 4, 2017. To submit a case study, please visit:

Questions about the program can be emailed to


Contact the following staff for additional information:

Ellen Fanning
(508) 820-8204

Mari Keefe
Editorial project manager
(508) 628-4906

Computerworld's IT Salary Survey 2017 results
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