World's best hacker World Cup kicks off. Be the next zNinja!

There’s a hunt going on and an all-out hack-off competition among hackers to discover who the best digital ninja is, dubbed a zNinja. This is the only competition where cheating is allowed and even recommended! 

Today is a great day to be a hacker since Zimperium kicked off the first ever penetration testing tournament.  — Welcome to the Pentester’s Worldcup! Zimperium, a mobile security software start-up was founded by Itzhak “Zuk” Avraham, a world-renowned hacker, in 2011. The Pentester’s World Cup is part of Zimperium’s efforts to increase awareness about mobile security, and simultaneously enhance the security of its range of award-winning products.


You may recall Anti? Man I love that app! It is a killer mobile app that is so simple to use, any clueless person with an Android can start pwning people, networks and machines like penetration testers do. Last year at DefCon, Avraham, also known as @ihackbanme, introduced the hacking tool, "Android Network Toolkit," dubbed Anti for short. At that time, it was in beta, but now the new app is called zAnti 1.0. Avraham says zANTI now has almost 100,000 hackers gone wild, umm, users!

This year at DEMO Spring 2012, Avraham was busy hijacking devices when people automatically connected to a Wi-Fi hot spot. Instead of being malicious to thousands of victims, he instead redirected them to a site explaining how they were jacked and how badly they could have been jacked had he been a malicious attacker. He introduced zDefender that stops mobile malware to enterprises and mobile carriers directly. Like Anti, zDefender and zCore are a year or two ahead of their time.

If you play with zAnti, you can enter the Pentesters’ World Cup. The site asked, “Who will be the next zNinja? Welcome to the first zANTI (Android Network Tool-Kit) pen-testing competition that actually awards you for creating a secured world.”

The leaderboard currently looks like this:


“We live in a dangerous mobile world today, and our goal is to significantly raise awareness about security and take steps toward securing our mobile future,” said Avraham. He is a highly regarded security expert, recognized worldwide for his technological achievements. “The World Cup also presents an opportunity for the world’s best hackers to challenge our products and make them better.”

Avraham explained, “Competitors will use our zANTI penetration testing software for smartphones and perform a variety of tasks such as scanning networks and finding vulnerabilities and security holes in the networks, or even cheating. The entrants will be scored on their performances and also rewarded for finding bugs.”

The winner will be awarded the “Black Card,” an entrance ticket worth $2,000 for the Black Hat event during July 21-26 and hotel accommodations in Las Vegas. The top 10 players will receive free Platinum, Gold or Silver accounts in zANTI, our award-winning Mobile Penetration Testing software specially built for smartphones and the first of its kind for mobile devices.

But wait, there's more! There's also t-shirts and wristbands to enter Zimperium’s closed event at the Las Vegas Black Hat event. Researchers who find a vulnerability and report it to Zimperium will receive 500 points and a cool zAnti t-Shirt. Hack the planet! The World Cup ends July 16.

zAnti is expected to arrive at the Android market next week, but as of now zAnti can be downloaded directly here. Good luck and go, go, go digital ninjas. Keep an eye on the rapidly changing leaderboard. May the best hacker win!

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