IT Jobs in High Demand

Data Efficiency Positions:

Database administrators

  • Skills: SQL/Oracle/DB2 and supporting operating systems

  • Salary: $71,500-$102,500, based on region and experience

Source: Robert Half International Inc. (RHI), Menlo Park, Calif.

Database development/performance tuning specialists

  • Skills: Database architecture; modeling and administration; deployment; data import/export, backup and recovery; Oracle; Microsoft SQL Server; certifications; database programming; Windows NT; Unix; and Web development.

  • Salary: $69,500-$102,750, based on region and experience

Source: RHI

Data management specialists

(people who analyze data flow to identify critical data and waste and develop processes for data cleansing and efficiency)

  • Skills: Network and systems background, project management, analytical skills and an understanding of data migration and data efficiency tools

  • Salary: Consultants: $75,000-$125,000 per year; senior project managers: $125,000-$150,000

Source: John Benge, Partner, Data Management practice, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, New York

Networking Positions:

Business continuity and disaster recovery specialists

  • Skills: Network infrastructure, storage and backup technologies, network redundancy, project management, telecommunications and vertical industry understanding of business methodologies, strategies and business impact

  • Salary: Consultants: $80,000-$125,000 per year for five to eight years' experience; project managers: $125,000-$175,000 per year for seasoned veterans

Source: Don Christian, partner, operational effectiveness unit, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Security professionals

  • Skills: Network security, risk assessment, intrusion-detection and PKI expertise; multiplatform and multitool experience with leading cryptography, firewall and intrusion-detection systems; a network architecture or engineering background; and strong communication and analytical skills

  • Salary: PKI project managers: $120,000-$140,000; professionals with risk assessment and intrusion-detection skills: $85,000-$120,000

Source: Lenzner Group, Las Vegas

  • Network security administrators: $61,250-$84,750, depending on experience and region.

Source: RHI

Wireless networking professionals

  • Skills: Network design, a working knowledge of the wireless networking standard 802.11a, wireless application development, virtual private networks, firewalls and network segmentation, and telecommunications experience

  • Salary: Network-engineering-level positions: $62,250-$87,000, depending on region and experience; telecommunications managers: $70,000-$90,250

Source: RHI

Internet/intranet developers

  • Skills: Java, HTML, C++, Web servers, XML, SQL, database management systems, Oracle, operating systems and good communication skills

  • Salary: Developers: $54,000-$75,500; senior developers: $69,500-$94,500

Source: RHI

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