Emerging Companies 2002

Company name Location CEO # Employees Founding date Priv/Pub Product(s) or Service(s) Company claims
Application services, development tools
Curl Corp. Boston Robert A. Young 140 1998 Private Surge 1.0 Software Environment 1, The Surge Lab Integrated Development Environment Beta Version 4, Curl Content Language Version 1.0 Enables development and deployment of next-generation Web applications.
Kada Systems Inc. Burlington, Mass. Jim Acquaviva 29 2000 Private Kada Mobile Platform for Java 1.5, Kada VM, Kada Mobile Developer Studio Alliance Program Helps develop database applications on the desktop and deploy them to a Palm OS device or PocketPC.
Mutek Solutions Ltd. Westwood, Mass. Yochi Slonim 120 1996 Private Black Box Flight Recorder for Software 3.5, AppSight User, Server and Manager Editions 3.5, AppSight Code 3 Minimizes business-critical application downtime and associated costs.
Relativity Technologies Inc. Cary, N.C. Vivek Wadhwa 175 1997 Private RescueWare for ADW 1, RescueWare 6.0 Automates transformation of business-critical legacy systems to Internet or client/server platforms.
SBi Inc. Salt Lake City Ned Stringham 750 1997 Private Enterprise and supply chain management systems Improves operational efficiencies and profitability.
Surebridge Inc. Lexington, Mass. Stephanie Khurana 250 1997 Private Application implementation, management and hosting services Offers application outsourcing to cut costs for hardware, software and implementation.
Customer relationship management software
Astute Solutions Columbus, Ohio Joe Sanda 40 1996 Private PowerCenter, PowerCenter Email and PowerCenter Chat Tracks customer information in one database with multipoint access to records.
The Cybrant Corp. Mountain View, Calif. Dave Buchanan 100 1999 Private Cybrant Business Velocity 3.1, Cybrant Commerce Velocity 3.1, Cybrant Solutions Archictect 3.1 Automates selling with design, product selection and configuration.
Empirix Inc. Waltham, Mass. Jeff Hotchkiss 400 2000 Private Multimedia Test Ensemble, Hammer IT Contact Center Test System, e-Test Suite Creates seamless and efficient interactions across multiple channels including voice and Web.
EnvoyWorldWide Inc. Billerica, Mass. Alain Dast 50 1998 Private EnvoyXpress, EnvoyProfiles, EnvoyXtend Uses messaging platform to automate outbound calls.
Revenio Inc. Burlington, Mass. Andrew Payne 50 1999 Private Revenio Dialog 2 Allows marketers to query customers during e-business transactions.
StayinFront Inc. Fairfield, N.J. Thomas R. Buckley 525 1996 Private Visual Elk VE 8.1, Web Works for WAP 1, Pocket Elk 1 Offers CRM software, data analysis and decision-support tools.
Data management
DecisionPoint Applications Beaverton, Ore. Yorgen Edholm 60 1996 Private DecisionPoint for Financials 7, DecisionPoint for CRM 2, DecisionFlow 1.5 Provides integrated, fully extensible enterprisewide data warehousing infrastructure.
Kalido Ltd. London Andy Hayler 57 2001 Private Kalido 6.1, Kalido ERP 6.1, Unilever MIS 6.1 Provides view of information throughout the enterprise without transforming the source systems.
Lumigent Technologies Inc. Concord, Mass. Lev Vaitzblit 50 2000 Private Log Explorer for SQL Server Enterprise Edition 2.1, Log Explorer for SQL Server Professional Edition Increases database availability and data integrity by allowing online, selective data recovery.
NeoCore Inc. Colorado Springs Tim Dix 50 1997 Private NeoCore XMS v2.0 Provides flexible XML database system that eliminates physical database design.
Scale Eight Inc. San Francisco Dick Watts 140 1999 Private Global Storage Service 2 Allows for reduced total cost of ownership, limits file storage and eliminates need for network-attached storage boxes.
Syncronex Inc. Redmond, Wash. Bruce Leader 27 1997 Private Syncronex ViewPoint 4, Syncronex ViewPoint - Wireless Edition 4 Allows for different levels of authority for end users so updated information is always accurate.
Troika Networks Inc. Westlake Village, Calif. Alan Skidmore 125 1998 Private Zentai Controller, Path Command Plus for Zentai 2.5, SAN Command Enterprise for Zentai 1.5 Increases availability and manageability of the storage network.
Integrated Development Enterprise Inc. Concord, Mass. Richard S. Moore 142 1998 Private IDweb IDweb (IDe 2001-2), IDpartner IDpartner (IDe 2001-2), IDfinancials IDfinancials (IDe 2001-2) Helps industries reduce cycle times and create a fatter product pipeline.
E-commerce software and services
Altra Energy Technologies Inc. Houston Paul Bourke 220 1996 Private Altra Market Place, Altra Market Tools, Altra Market Solutions Enables trading, scheduling, transporting and accounting of energy transactions.
Asera Inc. Belmont, Calif. David Murphy 350 1998 Private Asera eBusiness Operating System R4.1.2, Asera Sell-Side Applications R4.1.2 Helps to optimize applications to generate sales and provide better customer service.
Azerity San Jose Stephen Gold 120 1998 Private ProChannel Collaborative Solution Suite 4, ProChannel Catalog 4, Global Price Management 4 Improves sales channel management, administrative efficiencies and sales force productivity.
Callidus Software Inc. San Jose Reed Taussig 225 1996 Private TrueComp Manager 2.5, TrueComp Viewer 2.5, TrueComp Modeler 2.5 Automates marketplace pay-for-performance programs, improving business profitability.
Comergent Technologies Inc. Redwood City, Calif. Jean A. Kovacs 170 1998 Private Comergent Distributed E-Business System Release 5 Provides e-commerce capabilities for manufacturers to sell products through all channels and partners.
Engenia Software Inc. Reston, Va. Jeffrey C. Crigler 40 1998 Private Engenia Collaboration Services Platform 2, Engenia Partner OnRamp 1 Enables partner management, planning and forecasting, and logistics for private and public trading networks.
MetraTech Corp. Waltham, Mass. Scott Swartz 85 1998 Private MetraBill 2, MetraView 2, MetraPartner 2 Creates a billing platform to leverage existing infrastructures.
NerveWire Inc. Newton, Mass. Malcolm Frank 220 1999 Private Strategy and planning services, systems integration services Integrates suppliers and design partners into supply chain.
NetVendor Inc. Atlanta Sean McCloskey 130 1996 Private NetVendor Sales Collaboration 1.0, E.mbrace 4.2, NetVendor Configurator Provides B2B sell-side software to help streamline the customer order life cycle.
Trigo Technologies Inc. Brisbane, Calif. Thomas Reilly 55 2000 Private Trigo Enterprise Scales to thousands of e-procurement systems, integrates with back-end systems.
Visual Insights Naperville, Ill. Douglas A. Cogswell 110 1997 Private eBizinsights 2.0, eBizinsights CS, eBizinsights XL Analyzes Web site performance, visitor behavior, promotional effectiveness and site activity.
Internet-based applications
Clickability Inc. San Francisco John Girard 35 1999 Private CMware, IMware Builds, syndicates and manages interactive Web-based applications.
Fast Search & Transfer ASA Oslo John M. Lervik 260 1997 Public Fast Web Search 1, Fast Mobile Search 1, Fast Intranet Search 3 Provides hosted services or software to customers in both wired and wireless environments.
Groove Networks Inc. Beverly, Mass. Ray Ozzie 209 1997 Private Groove 1, Groove Enterprise Network Services, Groove training Offers peer-to-peer communication with partners, suppliers and customers.
Mirapoint Inc. Sunnyvale, Calif. Satish Ramachandran 180 1997 Private Mirapoint Message Director 2.9.1, M2500 Internet Message Server 2.9.1, Mirapoint Internet Directory 2.9.1 Helps handle large volumes of messaging for both service providers and enterprises.
MS2 Inc. Mountain View, Calif. Jeff Hudson 105 1998 Private MS2 Accelerate Accelerate 2001, Release 7 Allows sharing of information in real-time on a live Web site.
NaviMedix Inc. Boston Timothy Hargarten 130 1998 Private NaviNet 4 Improves operational performance and lowers transaction costs for heatlh plans and provider offices.
OutlookSoft Corp. Stamford, Conn. Craig Schiff 85 1999 Private Enterprise Analytic Portal 1, Financial Planning and Analysis 1 Gives real-time access to critical information on performance relative to business objectives.
PlaceWare Inc. Mountain View, Calif. Barry James Folsom 240 1996 Private PlaceWare Conference Center 3, PlaceWare Event Series N/A, PlaceWare Forum 3 Speeds Web-based communications; saves on travel costs and lost productivity.
Plumtree Software San Francisco John Kunze 270 1997 Private Plumtree Corporate Portal and Plumtree Gadget web services Helps companies drive e-business profitability through a single Web destination for decision-makers.
Portera Inc. Campbell, Calif. Gary L. Steele 250 1998 Private Portera ServicePort Develops subscription-based software for the professional services industry.
Spotfire Inc. Somerville, Mass. Christopher Ahlberg 150 1996 Private Spotfire DecisionSite 6, DecisionSite for Lead Discovery, Spotfire Array Explorer 3 Enables management of product-related data and speeds time to market.
Tellme Networks Inc. Mountain View, Calif. Mike McCue 250 1999 Private Tellme Voice Application Network Cuts call center costs by automating services and shortening call handle times through streamlined menus.
Mobile and wireless
2Roam Inc. Redwood City, Calif. Tom Jackson 100 1999 Private 2Roam Catalyst Server 2.1, 2Roam Nomad Publisher 1.5, 2Roam Wireless Value Added Services Offers fully hosted ASP or a licensed in-house server service with open, scalable architecture.
724 Solutions Inc. Austin, Texas John Sims 685 1997 Public Wireless Internet Platform 3, Financial Services Applications 3.2, Alerts Platform 3 Powers mobile transactions to deliver security, availability, robustness and scalability.
Air2Web Inc. Atlanta Sanjoy Malik 160 1999 Private Mobile Internet Platform Version 2.0 Enables critical back-end solutions and corporate data across any carrier, network or device.
Antenna Software Inc. New York Peter Semmelhack 40 1998 Private Antenna ServiceTools Version 1.5, AntennaTools and AntennaTools Mobile for Clarify Version 1.0, AntennaTools for FieldPro Version 2.5 Streamlines operations and cuts administrative costs; increases efficiency of field engineers.
Everypath Inc. San Jose Venktesh Shukla 180 1998 Private Everypath Server 3, Everypath Studio 3, Everypath AlwaysOn 1.5 Allows for companies to make CRM and business intelligence applications available to partners.
MobileSys Inc. Mountain View, Calif. David Coelho 110 1996 Private MobileSys Network, MobileSys MX 2, Omnibrowser Guarantees on-time delivery of wireless instant alerts that can be tracked.
NetMotion Wireless Inc. Seattle Craig McKibben 34 2001 Private NetMotion Mobility 1.0, NetMotion 2.1, NetMotion 3.0 Provides wireless infrastructure software to manage connectivity and security on wireless networks.
Orsus Solutions Ltd. Mountain View, Calif. Aryeh Finegold 140 1999 Private Orsus Uno (formerly iGlue/Wireless and iGlue/Web) Allows mobile workforce to remotely access enterprise systems, such as CRM, sales force automation and ERP.
Tenrox Laval, Quebec Rudolf Melik 75 1996 Private Projeca 6.5, Office Timesheet 6.5, InChange 6.5 Reduces payroll cycle; improves invoicing cycle.
Network/systems management, equipment
BlueStar Solutions Inc. Cupertino, Calif. Thomas F. Kelly 200 1999 Private Fully hosted and managed SAP solution, remote managed operations, support Provides enterprise applications outsourcing services.
Business Layers Rochelle Park, N.J. Izhar Shay 90 1999 Private eProvision Day One Improves business/IT service coordination and speeds productivity using Web-based digital provisioning.
Configuresoft Inc. Woodland Park, Colo. E. Alexander Goldstein 60 1999 Private Enterprise Configuration Manager 3.6, Enterprise Configuration Manager Windows 9x Migration Planner 1 Reduces cost and resource requirements associated with configuration management.
GiantLoop Network Waltham, Mass. Mark Ward 300 2000 Private Enterprise Optical Networking Designs, builds and manages customized optical networks that eliminate bandwidth bottlenecks.
iPass Inc. Redwood Shores, Calif. Michael Mansouri 225 1996 Private Global Broadband Roaming, iPassConnect PDA, iPass Corporate Access Offers global coverage, redundancy, security; connectivity through multiple devices including laptops, desktops and PDAs.
Linux NetworX Inc. Sandy, Utah Stephen Hill 55 2000 Private Evolocity, ClusterWorX, Ice Box Offers turnkey cluster computing solutions, cluster management tools and professional services aimed at making clusters easier to use and more cost-effective.
NetQoS Inc. Austin, Texas Joel Trammell 35 1999 Private NQVisionQuest, NQReporter, NQAnalyzer Upgrades the performance of a network through more efficient use of current resources.
NetReality Inc. Santa Clara, Calif. lan Raab 100 1997 Private WiseWan Enterprise, WiseWan/MNS 4, WanTel module for the WiseWan NAPS 4.0 Shows which applications are consuming bandwidth so users can make upgrade decisions.
Network Data Systems Rolling Meadows, Ill. Al Siders 75 1997 Private Converged Network Solution V3, Network Optimization Solution V3, Mobility Solution V3 Provides network-centric consulting and integration services.
NOCpulse Inc. Sunnyvale, Calif. Paul Santinelli 50 2000 Private NOCpulse Command Center Consolidates N-tier operations tools into a single, browser-based console.
Sitara Networks Inc. Waltham, Mass. Malik Khan 200 1996 Private QoSWorks QW1.9, QoSArray QA1.2, QoSDirector QD1.4 Provides scalable, easily manageable, QoS in one box and optimized application response times.
SmartPipes Inc. Redwood City, Calif. Hank Nothhaft 210 1999 Private SmartPipes Global IP Services 1, WorldCom IP VPN Customer Directed 1 Allows users to build intranets and extranets through an intuitive graphical user interface.
Surgient Networks Inc. Austin, Texas Nagi Rao 125 1999 Private Surgient eQ2500 rack unit server Enables multigigabit throughput and policy-based traffic control for I/O-intensive applications.
Taqua Systems Inc. Hyannis, Mass. Robert Steinkrauss 240 1998 Private Open Compact Exchange 1.2 Switching platform allows carriers to work with current infrastructure but incorporate new technology.
WIDCOMM Inc. San Diego Hiep Pham 140 1998 Private Bluetooth Communications Software Solution for Embedded Systems 1.1, Bluetooth Communications Software Solution for Windows 1.1, BlueGate 2100 Helps telecommunications companies reduce time-to-market and build interoperable wireless into their products.
Security products and services
Captus Networks Corp. Woodland, Calif. Richard G. Helgeson 91 2000 Private CaptIO 1.3, CaptIO-G2 1.3, CaptCC Global Administrator 1 Protects networks and systems from DoS and DDoS attacks, allowing through only legitimate traffic.
Counterpane Internet Security Inc. Cupertino, Calif. Tom Rowley 104 1999 Private Managed Security Monitoring 1 Offers managed security monitoring services to reduce risk of doing business electronically.
Courion Corp. Framingham, Mass. Christopher Zannetos 125 1996 Private PasswordCourier 4.5, Profile Builder 4.5 Offers self-service password and directory management software to reduce support costs, increase security.
e-Security Inc. Rockledge, Fla. Nicola Sanna 75 1999 Private Open e-Security Platform Version 3.0, e-Security Administrator Workbench Version 2.1 Unites infrastructure of multiple security products into a single, integrated, automated and centralized security management system.
Vericept Corp. (formerly eSniff) Englewood, Colo. Thomas Donahue 30 1999 Private eSniff 1100, eSniff 1000 Enables viewing of all IP traffic through a single, plug-and-play monitoring device.
Guardent Inc. Waltham, Mass. Maria Cirino 180 2000 Private Managed security services Identifies vulnerabilities and strengthens existing security and privacy environments.
Keyware Technologies Inc. Woburn, Mass. Francis Declercq 275 1996 Public CAS 1, Smart Cards Suite 1, Access Control Provides intelligent biometrics and centralized authentication solutions for real-world business applications.
NIKSUN Inc. Monmouth Junction, N.J. Parag Pruthi 150 1997 Private NetDetector 1.1, NetVCR 2 Allows for monitoring of IP resources to deliver customer service with a reliable network.
Oblix Inc. Cupertino, Calif. Gordon Eubanks 200 1996 Private Oblix NetPoint 5, Oblix Publisher 5 Enables e-business growth with multidomain and single sign-on authentication, authorization and identity management.
PentaSafe Security Technologies Inc. Houston Douglas J. Erwin 325 1997 Private VigilEnt Security Manager Version 3.0, VigilEnt Policy Center Version 2.0, VigilEnt Security Agent for iSeries/AS400 Version 8 Provides a security infrastructure that addresses people, policies and technology.
Top Layer Networks Westboro, Mass. Ron Brumback 160 1997 Private AppSafe 3500 3500, SecureWatch Version 1.0, Intrusion Detection Service Version 1.0 Reduces network risk by providing operators with detailed information.
Tripwire Inc. Portland, Ore. W. Wyatt Starnes 158 1997 Private Tripwire for Servers 2.4, Tripwire Manager 2.4, Tripwire for Web Pages 1.0 Enables network and security managers to monitor, detect and recover from breaches in data or network integrity.
Supply chain management
Arzoon Inc. San Mateo, Calif. Farid Dibachi 130 1999 Private Arzoon LIFE 3.1 Reduces transportation and logistics costs by managing inbound and international trade compliance.
Full Degree Inc. Palo Alto, Calif. Mark Bonham 16 2000 Private Next-generation content management system Helps manufacturers and retail channel partners communicate marketing messages.
Optiant Inc. Somerville, Mass. Marcus Ruark 30 2000 Private PowerChain Inventory 3.1 Weighs effect of decisions on supply chain against thousands of other possible criteria.
Prism Visual Software Port Washington, N.Y. Lorraine Keating 6 1997 Private ServQuest, RoadQuest, ServMeter Offers Web-based and wireless software for the field-force automation industries.
Rapt Inc. San Francisco Tom Chavez 75 1998 Private Rapt Buy 2, Rapt Sell 1 Helps companies create real-time link between pricing and business strategies.
SPS Commerce Inc. St. Paul, Minn. Archie Black 125 1996 Private SPSCommerce.net, online catalog service Eliminates manual processes within accounting, logistics, vendor management, purchasing and planning departments.
SupplySolution Inc. Southfield, Mich. Chris Moritz 150 1998 Private i-Supply 3.2, i-GetIt, SupplySolution Global Infrastructure Allows suppliers to view and analyze their buyer's inventory levels and usage in real time.
Web infrastructure servers, software and management
Alphablox Corp. Mountain View, Calif. Polly Sumner 202 1996 Private Alphablox 3, SpreadSheet Blox Integrates analytics in line with business processes across the enterprise.
Chutney Technologies Inc. Atlanta Anindya Datta 40 1999 Private Chutney PreLoader 3.1 Mitigates server-side bottlenecks by caching, managing and rapidly serving individual elements of dynamic page content through its high-speed engine.
Equinix Inc. Mountain View, Calif. Peter Van Camp 315 1998 Public Equinix GigE Exchange Direct Interconnection service Provides a neutral environment for users to select ISPs, carriers, site and performance management companies.
Everdream Corp. Fremont, Calif. Gary Griffiths 180 1998 Private Everdream Complete, Everdream Direct Integrates services through proprietary automated configuration and monitoring technology.
Mellanox Technologies Santa Clara, Calif. Eyal Waldman 160 1999 Private InfiniBridge 1.0 Provides InfiniBand technology to the server, communications and data storage markets.
PictureIQ Corp. Seattle Bill McCoy 51 1998 Private TransForce 1, PhotoForce Minimizes Web production costs by automating labor-intensive image preparation and manipulation tasks.
Rackspace Managed Hosting San Antonio Graham Weston 150 1998 Private Managed hosting, managed firewalls and managed e-commerce solutions Helps increase Web servers capacity firewall and load balancing.
RLX Technologies Inc. The Woodlands, Texas Pat Collins 140 2000 Private RLX System 324 Improves server density, power consumption, rapid deployment and ease of management for Web hosting companies and Internet data centers.
Satmetrix Systems Mountain View, Calif. Andre O. Schwager 100 1997 Private Satmetrix Customer Version 6.6, Satmetrix E-commerce Version 6.6, Market Stat Version 1.0 Helps manage customer experience through continuous real-time feedback.
Telenisus Corp. Rolling Meadows, Ill. Gordon Reichard, Jr. 220 1999 Private WebStructure, Rapid Start Hosting Platform, Managed Security Prevents network intrusion and protect Web-based assets.
Tonic Software Austin, Texas Brian Phillips 75 1999 Private Tonic 1.9 Ensures Web application availability, content and functional integrity, and end-to-end performance.
WebEx Communications Inc. San Jose Subrah S. Iyar 500 1996 Public Meeting Center 4.0, OnStage 2.0, OnCall 2.0 Allows companies to increase productivity while reducing travel and costs.
WildTangent Inc. Redmond, Wash. Alex St. John 135 1998 Private WildTangent Web Driver 2.0 Handles all the compression and streaming media aspects of an online game, music visualizer or business application.
Wily Technology Inc. Burlingame, Calif. Dick Williams 80 1998 Private Introscope 2.5 Manages performance of runtime Java Web applications from inside the server by providing component-level visibility into the application.
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