The VPN Vendors

ICSA Labs Certified IPsec Products (Certified under the Version 1.0B Criteria):

  • Avaya Inc.

    Product: VSU 100 Gateway, based on the VPNos v3.1.66 operating system
  • Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

    Products: VPN-1/FireWall-1; Next Generation with Hotfix-1, based on Red Hat Linux 6.2, Windows NT 4.0 and Sun Solaris 8
  • Cisco Systems Inc.

    Products: Cisco PIX (IPsec) Models 506, 515, 525 and 535 Gateways, based on the PIX 6.1 operating system
  • Future Systems Inc.

    Product: SecuwayGate 1000 with Firmware Gateway, based on a proprietary operating system
  • IBM

    Product: AIX 5L Version 5.1/IBM PPS Model 724, based on the AIX 5L Version 5.1 operating system
  • Intel Corp.

    Product: Intel VPN Gateway Version 6.90p8, based on the proprietary VPN-OS operating system
  • Intoto Inc.

    Product: iGateway-10 Version 1.0, based on a proprietary operating system
  • Lucent Technologies

    Product: Lucent VPN Firewall Version 5.1.320, based on a proprietary operating system
  • NetScreen Technologies Inc.

    Product: NetScreen-100 Gateway, based on the ScreenOS 3.0.0r3.0 operating system
  • Nokia Corp.

    Products: Nokia VPN Gateway IPsec Product Group Models CC500, CC2500 and CC5200 Version 4.01(102), based on a proprietary operating system
  • Nortel Networks Ltd.

    Product: Contivity Extranet Switch 1600 Version 03_60.45, based on a proprietary operating system
  • Secure Computing Corp.

    Products: Gauntlet VPN Version 6.0, based on the Solaris 8 operating system; Sidewinder Version 5.1.1, based on the SecureOS operating system
  • SonicWall Inc.

    Product: SonicWall Pro 200 Gateway Version, based on a proprietary operating system
  • Symantec Corp.

    Product: Symantec Enterprise VPN Version 6.5.2, based on Windows NT 4.0
  • V-One Corp.

    Product: SmartGuard 4000 Version 4.2, based on Red Hat Linux 7.1

Other Products:

  • AppGate AB

    Product: AppGate PowerBox, an appliance-based VPN based on the Secure Shell protocol rather than on IPsec or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • Aventail Corp.

    Product: Aventail.Net Anywhere VPN managed services, delivered via a browser-based SSL VPN
  • Blue Ridge Networks

    Products: This fully managed, outsourced VPN requires no customer-owned hardware, software or in-house security expertise. The Firewall-X capability is built into the Blue Ridge VPN Client and is transparent to the user. Blue Ridge's VPN service includes monitoring and central policy management and configuration, as well as an round-the-clock end-user Help Desk.
  • Cylink Corp.

    Product: NetHawk VPN, an IPsec site-to-site and remote access VPN that includes policy and security management for the Windows NT, XP and Sun Solaris platforms
  • Genuity Inc.

    Products: VPN services for Cisco; VPN Advantage for Nortel Networks Contivity; VPN Branch Office Service
  • Netgear Inc.

    Product: FV318 Cable/DSL VPN Firewall Router
  • Netilla Networks Inc.

    Product: A 128-bit SSL Web VPN that provides secure remote-application access
  • Virtela Communications Inc.

    Product: Virtela VPN, an IP-based VPN that includes monitoring and Web-based customer network management
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