Girl power! Summer camp grooms tomorrow's techies

These 'technology goddesses' could be your future IT workforce.

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"Through Technology Goddesses, the girls learn to use technology and gain life skills and develop critical-thinking skills," says Jo Dee Jacob, CEO of Girl Scouts, San Diego-Imperial Council "They educate themselves and others."

This particular weekend, the seventh-, eighth- and ninth-grade scouts, called Cadettes, are using Bureau of Labor Statistics data to research IT-related careers. They are also coaching younger Brownies and Daisies, who are in kindergarten through third grade, and the campers join briefly for various technology lessons.

Today, it's eighth-grader Angela Zhang's turn to lead a group of Daisies through a "Point, Click and Go" Internet navigation and safety session. A Girl Scout since the fourth grade, Zhang aspires to be a surgeon. This summer, she'll spend three weeks at a camp for talented youth sponsored by Johns Hopkins University.

"I like this camp because it's so relaxed and you learn so much," Zhang says.

In the afternoon, Leslie Biasi, a Girl Scout co-leader and project coordinator at Dot Hill Systems Corp., a RAID storage firm in Carlsbad, Calif., teaches a multimedia workshop for the older girls. Last year, Biasi took an unpaid leave of absence from her job to volunteer at the Technology Goddesses weeklong camp.

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