Google grabs bigger search bite, while Bing, Yahoo slip

As its rivals stumbled in November, Google grabbed more than 71% of searches

While Microsoft Corp.'s Bing might be getting a lot of attention, Google Inc. is still king of all things search.

Google's search rivals have been pulling out the stops over the past several months, trying to take a chunk out of its market share. But so far it's not working, according to numbers released today from Experian Hitwise, an online market tracker.

In November, 71.57% of all searches were done on Google, Hitwise reported. That's an increase of about one percentage point over October, when Google captured 70.60% of all searches.

November wasn't as good a month for Yahoo Inc.'s second-place search site or Microsoft's third-place Bing.

Yahoo dropped from a 16.14% market share in October to 15.39% in November. That represents a 5% decrease the number of searches conducted using Yahoo. And Bing's market share also slipped, going from 9.57% in October to 9.34% last month.

That has to be good news for Google, which has been pouring a lot of effort and money into expanding its search tool's capabilities.

Just yesterday, Google started giving users real-time search results. Both Google and Microsoft announced in October that they had struck individual real-time search deals with Twitter. Microsoft went one step further and struck a deal with Facebook, as well.

The move into real-time search shows how significant social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook have become to the online community.

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