Get Windows 7 Professional for $29 If You're a Student

It's that whole back-to-school season, which means parents are probably wondering if they have to buy their college-bound kids a brand new PC or they can wring another year out of the old one.

Consider keeping the old one, but applying a fresh coat of OS paint. I'm speaking, of course, of Windows 7, which can make a Windows XP system feel like new and a Vista machine feel like less of a sluggish old dog.

Not enthused about spending $119.99 for a Windows 7 upgrade? I hear you. Well, how does $29.99 sound? That's the amazingly reasonable price available to students. And further defying all logic and reason, that 30 bucks buys you Windows 7 Professional, not the Home Edition.

Now for the fine print. (Don't worry, it's nothing terrible.) To qualify for this deal, you need an eligible e-mail address--namely, one that ends in .edu. Hover over the Am I Eligible? link to find out more.

Also, this deal is for the download version of Windows 7, meaning you'll need a little disc-burning know-how (instructions are provided) and some blank media to create an installation DVD. Not up to the task? For an extra $13 you can have an official Windows 7 disc mailed to you.

Keep in mind, too, that there's no direct upgrade path from Windows XP to Windows 7. Of course, we've got you covered in that department: How to Upgrade From XP to Windows 7.

Bottom line: This is a fantastic deal, one that's too good for students to pass up. Heck, if you're a student who already has Windows 7, you could make a few bucks by selling the $29.99 license at a slight markup and...well, I've said too much.

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