About Snow Leopard's Dock icons

Reader BRothrock is unsatisfied with the way folders are displayed in Snow Leopard's Dock. B writes:

In the past I have been able to drag folder icons (Applications folder, Documents folder, Desktop, etc.) into the Dock where they have shown as the original icons. However, in Snow Leopard, the icons no longer show properly, but now revert to generic ones. Is there a fix for this to show the icons as they are as they have in OS X 10.4.11?

At the risk of providing an answer shorter than the question, the trick is to view these items as folders rather than stacks. And that's easily done. Just Control (right) click on a folder in the dock and from the menu that appears select Folder in the Display As area. Do so and the distinctive folder icon appears. That icon will remain, regardless of whether you choose to view the folder's contents as a fan, grid, or list.

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