Computerworld's tablet database

Find key info about the latest tablets, including screen size, OS, price, ship date, processor, connectivity options and more in our sortable chart.

Overwhelmed by the flood of tablets coming onto the market? We've got you covered with this database of announced and shipping tablets. If you want more information about any of these devices, click on its name in the leftmost column to access a news story or review.

The tablets are arranged in order from the latest estimated ship date back through devices that have already shipped. (Products with no announced U.S. ship date appear at the bottom of the table.) However, you can rearrange them in any order you prefer: Simply click the column header you wish to sort by and choose your criteria, such as ascending or descending sort. You can also click Search to search for a specific tablet. (Note: If you want to rearrange the tablets by a different column, you must first click on the column you originally sorted by, then select Sort --> Remove Sorting.)

Table created by Sharon Machlis using Zoho Creator.

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