Latest AMD processor runs at 5GHz

The company introduced the new FX-9590 at E3 in Los Angeles

Targeting gaming and multimedia enthusiasts, AMD announced a 5GHz processor at E3 in Los Angeles.A

The AMD FX-9590 is an eight core CPU. Another new processor, the FX-9370, runsA at 4.7 GHz. Both processors will be available in July and pricing will be announced then, accordingA to the company.A

"For gamers, it's higher frame rates," said Matt Davis, a marketing manger with AMD. He said thatA gamers can play across multiple screens.A

At its E3 booth, AMD had a demonstration of game play across five high definition displays with aA total resolution of 9600 by 1080 pixels. The game footage played smoothly across the displays that wrapped nearly 180 degrees around the gamer.A

Davis said there would be benefits to non-gamers as well. "You can do more with Office applicationsA like PowerPoint," he said.

"Double click on any application and it will open immediately."A

The processors are based on based on the company's Piledriver microarchitecture and are unlocked forA "easy overclocking," according to the company.A

The announcement of AMD's newest processor comes a week after rival Intel started shipping its fourthA generation core processors, code named Haswell.A

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