Turn an RSS feed into a 'Star Wars' crawl

The aptly named StarRSS takes your favorite feeds to a galaxy far, far away. Call it the cure for the common RSS.

After the events of the last few days, I thought everybody could use a smile. And this definitely brought one to my face.

Many users still rely on RSS feeds to see the latest posts on their favorite sites. Of course, now that Google is pulling the plug on Reader, the door is wide open for interesting alternatives.

StarRSS definitely qualifies. It turns any RSS feed into scrolling text, complete with music, that you'll instantly recognize from a certain sci-fi classic.

Practical? No. Fun? Definitely.

Just head to the StarRSS page and paste in the address for your favorite feed. Want some samples? Look no further than PC World's RSS feeds. Needless to say, I'm partial to this one:


The text crawl isn't merely ornamental; you can click any headline to open that post in a new tab. Alas, there's no way to pause or reverse the crawl, though I guess that wouldn't be true to the spirit of the presentation.

Ultimately, this is just a cute little diversion, probably not something you'd use on a regular basis, but definitely fun to show to friends and co-workers.

If nothing else, I hope it made you smile.

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