Why tech entrepreneurs will transform healthcare

We are establishing an environment that will help it happen

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I sense that we are at the start of a new era of entrepreneurial zeal such as the one that transformed Silicon Valley three decades ago. And I believe that one area of the economy that will be transformed by this new wave of innovation will be my field, healthcare.

Today, the U.S. does not have a healthcare system. Instead we have disconnected hospitals, clinics, labs and pharmacies that produce redundant and error-prone care.

Take as an example that point in time when a recovering patient leaves the hospital and goes home for continuing treatment. Many current transition-of-care processes are complex, confusing and cumbersome. My mother recently fractured her hip, and I found myself serving as her healthcare advocate, home care coordinator and general contractor. The market is ripe for products that make care management and coordination easier. And there is reason to be optimistic that the conditions are in place to bring energy and enthusiasm to such healthcare needs.

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