Seagate wireless drive can now stream to Roku set-top box

Computerworld review finds, though, that the Wireless Plus drive isn't without its flaws

Seagate Technology today announced a new tool that can connect the Seagate Central personal cloud storage service or a Seagate Wireless Plus hard drive to a Roku streaming player.

The new Seagate Media Channel on Roku allows pictures, video and music saved to a Seagate Central cloud service or Seagate Wireless Plus to be streamed to the Roku box.

Wireless Plus
Roku has created a channel for Seagate's Wireless Plus hard drive to stream media to it.

"While Roku provides more than 1,500 channels, the new Seagate channel will enable consumers to also easily access owned content, including music, home videos, photos and licensed movies from the same interface," Seagate said in a statement.

The Seagate Media Channel on Roku also allows browsing of content on the drive with cover art for movies, albums, song titles for music and thumbnails for photos.

Wireless Plus
The Seagate Wireless Plus hard drive with SATA cable and connector. (Photo: Lucas Mearian)

The Seagate Wireless Plus drive comes with up to 2 terabytes of capacity for $200.

Computerworld reviewed the Seagate Wireless Plus hard drive and found it was at times difficult to use and limited when it comes to Wi-Fi bandwidth, with only 150Mbps maximum throughput.

Once the wireless connection is lost to the Wireless Plus drive, it does not automatically reconnect. So taking the drive out of range of the Roku box isn't recommended while video or music is streaming to it.

A Seagate spokesman said the company has updated the firmware on the Wireless Plus, which should address some of the connectivity issues the hardware had in the first iteration.

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