Using IT to make vacationers happy

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No one books a cruise because they have to. So while airlines and hotels sell to both business travelers and vacationers, we focus intensely on the vacation experience. That means making sure the technology on our ships stays relevant.

Consumers today don't want to be disconnected, even at sea. They want to see their home security camera or keep up with friends on social media. Guests now want to travel and bring their own content to the resort environment, whether that's on their phone, tablet or laptop. That's how the next generation gets their entertainment.

We offer state-of-the-art Internet connectivity--we're second only to the U.S. Navy in terms of capacity. But we've also dramatically improved it through low-latency, high-bandwidth satellite connectivity that increases capacity several hundredfold and offers fast, fiber-like speeds. Now our guests wouldn't think twice about sharing their vacation experience with friends and family, even Skyping, in real time.

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