Westmont College jumps to Gigabit Wi-Fi for three reasons: "Speed, speed and speed"

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Westmont College was the first school in the country to deploy an all-802.11n network when, four years ago, it rolled out 290 Meraki access points to bring nearly complete coverage to dorms, classrooms and campus buildings.

So, it's no surprise that CIO Reed Sheard is moving quickly to keep Westmont College, a small liberal arts school in Santa Barbara, Calif., on the cutting edge by upgrading to 802.11ac.A And the fact that Cisco bought Meraki in 2012 is a plus, Sheard says, because the college's wired infrastructure just happens to be 100% Cisco.

"We have no traditional Cisco wireless equipment in our network and, thus, no on-premise controllers or software management tools," says Sheard. "The real benefit of the purchase of Meraki by Cisco is that it makes for a more predictable future between our wired and wireless partners working together as a single organization."

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