Image is everything: A buyer's guide to business projectors

We help you sort through a bewildering array of projection devices, from tiny pocket projectors to large-venue models, to find what's right for your company's needs.

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Whether you're presenting the quarter's sales results to the board or pitching the company's latest widgets to a skeptical customer, there's no substitute for a good projector for putting your best business foot forward. By the same token, there's no easier way to lose an audience's attention -- and likely their business -- than by forcing them to sit in a dark room squinting at a dim, poorly focused or distorted image.

The good news is that there is an extraordinary variety of projectors available today that can put a sharp and bright image onto a screen to get your company's message across. From miniature marvels not much bigger than a smartphone to 90-lb. monsters that can light up an auditorium's screen, there's a business projector for every purpose and budget.

The bad news is that, with all these models to choose from, it's never been harder to decide which one is right for a particular business situation. This buyer's guide can help by cutting through the hype, technical jargon and marketing mumbo-jumbo.

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