The world's most dangerous job: Being a Verizon tech

Think being a policeman is a dangerous job? It has nothing on being a Verizon tech, apparently. Three Verizon technicians have been electrocuted in a variety of bizarre ways since May.

The Communications Workers of America Web site has all the grisly details. On October 16, a Verizon tech was electrocuted while in an aerial bucket, placing fiber optic cable near the Baltimore-Washington International Airport. A massive jolt of electricity killed him, then traveled through the bucket and into the truck onto which the bucket was attached. The truck's tires caught fire, the truck's fuse blew, and another technician was trapped inside. The electricity burned itself out, and the technician escape.

A similar accident killed a Verizon tech in June in Rhode Island.

It's not only outside technicians who are being killed. In May, a Verizon tech was electrocuted in Indiana when working on a mainframe trying to track down a customer's cable problem.

Does this spate of electrocutions have anything to do with Verizon desperately trying to build out a nationwide fiber optic network quickly, in order to compete with cable companies and other telcos? There's no way to know. But one thing is clear: It's a lot more dangerous being a tech than we've ever realized.

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