Dell set to enter the mobile phone market with Android

First come the inadvertent leaks, then come the spy pics. Eventually we'll see some actual products. That's the usual progression on technology announcements.

We're at the blurry spyshot stage now with Dell's upcoming entry into the mobile phone game. While this will be Dell's first entry into the smartphone market, they've taken their lickings in the handheld device market already with the ill-fated Windows Mobile Axim. This time, however, they've chosen to forgo Microsoft and go with Google's Android.

We have not one but two photo leaks today of the Dell Smartphone. Engadget's wins for overall size, below


Not to be outdone, BGR's spyshot has the Android interface, which looks a little bit like the Bejeweled game.


These are interesting because they reveal that these particular models don't have keyboards or front facing buttons but apparently have large (for a phone) screens. They also appear to be the same device, making their chances of being real slightly higher. Engadget's view looks like it has a front facing camera as well.

Having used the very inexpensive Dell Axim line, I'll be keeping my expectations low for these devices. However, if the prices are reasonable enough on these, they'll likely make interesting general computing devices for the pragmatist.

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