After Googlefail, will you trust online apps?

Well, that was different. It turns out that Google wasn't the victim of a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack by others; Google managed to knock-out its own network.


With network engineers like this, who needs crackers?

Urs Hoelzle, Google's senior VP of operations explained, that Google had sent some of its traffic through Asia. Hoelzle wrote, "Imagine if you were trying to fly from New York to San Francisco, but your plane was routed through an airport in Asia. And a bunch of other planes were sent that way too, so your flight was backed up and your journey took much longer than expected. That's basically what happened to some of our users today."

Besides search, all, and I mean all, of Google's applications were knocked out. Which leads me to the question, "Do we really want to rely on Google or any of SaaS (Software as a Service) for our programs?"

While I like online applications, I have never, ever liked the idea of depending on networked applications. What Googlefail underlined to me once more is just how dangerous it is to trust the Internet with my work. There are just too many potential points of failure between my PC and some server in a data-center or the cloud.

I'll still use these services. But, I've never used any of them for any of my essential work.

What do you think? If you use online applications as part of your daily work, are you going to continue to do so? If you don't now, would you consider switching from your local programs to online software?

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