Can the "cloud" help us manage our way through a pandemic?

No sooner had I finished my checklist for IT planning in a pandemic than I slapped my forehead.

The cloud!  How can we use the cloud to help us during a pandemic of any real severity?

I can think of a few questions we can ask ourselves.

For example:

1.  Should we consider moving all email operations to the cloud, and leave it to Google or Yahoo or whomever to manage our volume?  Should we engage them only when we fall down?

2.  Should we look at cloud-based storage solutions for moving documents?

3.  How could Google Groups and similar cloud-based solutions help manage discussions and share information?

4.  Will Skype, WebEx and similar solutions be effective -- or even operational -- in the face of a pandemic?

5.  Any other cloud-based solutions/ SaaS solutions that we could engage to help us if our individual infrastructures falter?

Let's have a very lively discussion on this.  Ike would be proud.

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