Uh, oh. Looks like I was wrong about Amazon.com

Wow! It didn't take long for Amazon.com to prove me wrong about their vision for the future of eBooks. It turns out they may have the right vision after all.

On Jan. 27, I posted four ways Amazon.com could "screw up" their "running start" with dominating the future of electronic books. I also gave my predictions about whether they'd get these things right or wrong. I predicted that they'd get two things right and two things wrong.

Of the two things I thought they'd mess up — 1) offering electronic books only for the Kindle reader they sell; and 2) charging too much for the Kindle — they've already proved me wrong on the first one. Amazon.com announced yesterday that the company plans to "make Kindle books available on a range of mobile phones."

I'm impressed. Of all the mistakes I thought Amazon might make, I thought this was the most likely.

To launch the Amazon Kindle with free mobile broadband, and maket the hell out of it like no other product I've ever seen was a stroke of genius. Now they're doing the right thing by intending to get electronic books on all kinds of devices.

I just don't see how anyone, anywhere can compete with Amazon.com in electronic books.

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