Video: Take a look inside a Google data center

Google has been opening up lately with their data center technology. Today, they've posed a quick tour of one of their monster data center facilities. This is where the magic happens.

A few observations:

  • The water pipes are painted in Google colors
  • At this facility, there are 45 containers with more that 1000 servers per container. They are water cooled.
  • Each container could be put on a truck and sent off to another station
  • Cooling uses a lot of energy and space. Using water is smart
  • Employees are given "Google provided transportation" Razor scooters to get around.
  • Overall the place looks a bit like a Soviet nuclear missile installation
  • It appears that Google is trying to share their data center knowledge with the world in order to help people cut costs and run more efficiently.

Bonus Video: Google updated Mobile Gmail and Calendar for iPhone and Android

The march toward exascale computers
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